12 moving (typo-)messages of love

When pictures started moving and films came up in the 1880s it was only logical to incorporate text to substitute for spoken words — at least as long as films were silent. That kind of text was static and limited in the amount of words displayed. In order to display more text, frames had to be changed over time, or text had to be animated. The simplest form of animated text were rolling end titles. Only in the 1960s text started to be truly animated in film titles. Since then animated text has been widely used in film and television and became part of our visual culture.

The animation techniques involved were elaborate and expensive. That changed with the “desktop revolution” in the 1990s when computer hard- and software became available to a broader circle of users who could start experimenting with this exciting new medium. Kinetic typography allows designers to display content in a dynamic way in order to catch and focus the viewers’ attention, and have an emotional impact. We’ve picked 12 messages of love for your inspiration. So, love, love, love to you all! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!