Derek Sivers — The opposite may also be true

Musician and entrepreneur Derek Sivers talks about open mindedness and tolerance using some unexpected examples of how easily we jump to conclusions and how always the exact opposite can also be true. In only 2:20 minutes he takes us on a surprising journey around the globe — from a street in the U.S. to Japan, China, Africa, and India. Maybe most surprising: although very short, his presentation feels deep and meaningful, and helps us understand ourselves — and others — a little more…

Let’s never forget … that whatever brilliant ideas you have or hear, that the opposite may also be true. — Derek Sivers

In that short time Sivers actually tells four short stories: about a Japanese man asking for his way on a street somewhere in the U.S., an American (or any Westener) asking for his way somewhere in Japan, Chinese doctors being paid slightly differently, and the rhythm of West-African music. He makes his point in a stunning way, using elegant and unobtrusive slides that really serve as visual aids and support his talk — a beautiful presentation that shows that keeping it short and simple doesn’t have to come at the expense of content or message.

Axel Wendelberger