It’s a WE(e) blog!

It took us some time to get started, but now it’s here, our weblog! First question: How do you call a weblog about topics connected to creativity, presenting, design, and more? Some fancy name anyone? Well, it’s just a weblog after all — a Weblog, a WEBlog, a WE|Blog! WE as in WEndelberger, or just as in WE all make mistakes. Yes, that’s exactly what we want to write about: the problems we all face, the thoughts we have about all that, and solutions we have to offer.

WE already promises to become the most used word here… That leads us to the second question: Who is “WE”? WE is the team of Wendelberger Coaching & Design Services, Paule Gina, and Axel Wendelberger. Our work in the fields of cognitive and communicative skills, as well as design provides the source of everything we will write about. In more than one way this weblog will be an extension of our coaching, our seminars, and all our conversations.

Third question: Who is that guy on the picture? He is a mobile salesman of prints, he is French, from the 1820s. We like him. He sells pictures as we sell concepts and ideas. He lived in times of rapid change as we do. He didn’t know it yet, but his medium (artistic prints) was about to undergo extrem changes. Photography was invented in those years, new technologies surfaced, a new society. People needed to make sense of all that — not much different from today. That’s what we try to do: making sense. So, let’s get started with our WE(e) blog.