PPP#5 — I can’t draw

Persistent Presentation Paradigm #5: “I can’t draw. Therefore I can not make my slides more interesting.”

Why do so many of us refrain from drawing even simple shapes on our own slides? The answer is, if we don't think we can draw, we can’t. In that case we block ourselves from a natural ability that every child possesses. Growing up, we seem to “untrain” that ability. Often enough we think it will take too much time anyway.

If we can make a line, a square, a triangle, and a circle we can draw. Anything we need to illustrate is possible through a combination of these elements. It all starts with observation. Being more conscious of our environment can be trained. Suddenly we see design everywhere, the world is full of it — all there for us to be used. Logos, commercials, websites, orientation labels at the airport, even bathroom door signs can serve as inspiration.

Next thing to do is start using the three shapes to conceptualize a car, a person, or a hand, and see if it works for us. It’s fun, and it’s far more effective than clip art can ever be. Besides, we own the copyright.

Paule Wendelberger